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Teachers fuck with students part 1

I let go of the pen, a boredom interspersed with tired invaded my daily work as well as the day goes by day, class, lecture, all dots. Probably should go fuck your mother sad, I opened the drawers for money, I suddenly encountered a briefcase.

I opened it trembling, which has a xilip old, I lift it up, given up, trembling nose smell, a smell is hard to describe stormed straight to the nose, along with it, the old memories came rushing back. That was the first girl to go out with Dr. Hoang. About ten years ago under the protective umbrella, playing girl is very simple, we are to Gia Lam, near Gia Lam station, there are a lot of girls standing abound, Prince was comparable gravel should he not choose us over largely outdated roads that go straight to a familiar neighborhood, after a time, he led a beautiful young children
- Did you guys?
- We've had 2 people
- The turn him in or let me add another call
- Come along on two guys for fun.

The first time was about to fuck a slut girl though is wrong, but also touched our hearts both strong shaking limbs feverishly did not know what to do. While you are proficient both undressed and slipped the pants and xilip, I preached before the game and told him to do. While I was still confused, the Royal undress naked timely. Early Imperial has a red body black. He said: She blows him away. Phoenix I obediently opened his mouth to his grapefruit grabs a sponge to suck. Royal starts eyes closed, shallow breathing and moaning geez geez. Seeing my friends are happy I feel happy spread. I came close to Phoenix and said he took the cord, I moved out okay I reply: I just natural. In the dark room, only a small oil lamp, fumbling I do not know how to take it off, show me off forever, but not, I'll stop blowing Quai hands behind the cord slipped right move. I have put your hand touched her breasts gently squeeze, just squeeze the nipple just fingered two. I have a really nice breasts, it's reasonably small, firm squeeze really liked. While caressing my body, I did not forget you suck enthusiastically. Looking at the immediate scene turgid evening always did know. I started touching breasts and started touching back down to the belly, feather touch to a constellation, then a small slit wet cunt daughter did not know how right? I gently finger on picking, my cunt is warm and smooth as I pick not bored. As long as you do too happy Huang told you he goes. I turned to my proficiency pulled out a condom, holding fast to the evening, then chổng ass over: England play away. First time fuck a girl do not be embarrassed to be inserted into new sales. I slamming oh happy too. By then changed, you suck ass chổng evenings and on press. Well, enough of the type of dogs, cats, wild horses, the three of us together tattered pants charm for more than an hour. Could not take anymore, I shoot air into the mouth me, while Hoang shot in asshole. I lost my virginity.

Time at which students have little money in their pockets, but on how the examination should fuck. I saw some children the same class but no one wants to notice. In her classroom An sad to see me, she often comes to comfort. I feel the need to thank me hanging on her chi.Mot An outing. Ms. An is an old girl, her older than age 30 his slant eyes, freckled face and underarm equipment.
She like verses describe:

All you tired of time
The nanny spell pasty hands down
And the endless desire
I covered up the color of time

I take her to the park, to a dark corner I hugged her, I kissed her on the cheeks and lips, a straight nose odor stormed want me nauseous. She pushed my hand away and said weakly: Son not do that! I was able to whisper I love you squeeze then reached into the soft breast. An issuer her stroke, I rubbed one by one and then thrust his arm once breast bra, her breasts warm and hot An. I lingered at the nipple was hard hunting, for some cold wind or because my hand but she suddenly shuddered Security, floating her nipples real thorn, I quickly took off his face in his buttonhole and breasts she then sucks shrink little, my sister embraces An poked hands in cement Philippines pants caressing her plump buttocks. Kissing touching embrace bored, my hands move to her private parts explorer. She said much paint damage. I replied I was nowhere in her, despite her age, but a beautiful cunt, it curves and soaring above a constellation frizzled and hard, squeeze me forever but not agreed, I switched to boring massage tires hook moves, one hand clutching my sister, my middle finger resting gently into the slot and stop light, I moi by then the water flows along the praises of her fingers together forming a puddle in my palm, occurred inside a bizarre idea I want to taste the taste how happy country?

I knelt down on the pressure side waving her shag licked it on a physical examination stormed into the nose smell made ​​me nauseous, I regretfully had kissed her on the back. Now my penis was erect rigid I caught her masturbating me, her hand on the shock absorbers proficiency down, shock for a while, then my semen splashed her palms. Bottle shock is always well fed, Vacation Rentals We go fuck each other so many times, but it was time for her to get married, I regretfully had to find another girl another. Sunlight on the table to form the hole. Looking at the hole I remembered Tan, a friend of his. Tan Tan nicknamed devil. He was nicknamed the devil because he is not evil or cruel as hell, but this is her nickname because of a love he donated. Tan said: Back then, I worked for a shop foreman aluminum rolling and that, in the studio I do have a job? Cooking and cleaning attention to me. On a clear day you take a shower. out violently rushing water heard me feel hot and stuffy. Then I peeked inside the door to the side. Although only 15 years old but I have no rounded body curves sexy, white round udders peeled, the highest place emerged a smaller pen with light brown nipples, tears pouring down a row my body like pearls. But Trick sparse hairs flat on the groin wet authority reinforces my.Toi looks great feeling hot flashes. A magic that made ​​my cu hard on themselves when and longer.

Can not help it I slowly stripped, cu i turn out like stiff springs black sauce and I pushed the door and tell him to shower with, but I was startled when I realized it, laughing I took a washcloth and general whipping the devil map, to die ne. I just put lever to embrace contemporary dance has taken me. I struggled with a laugh, she wrestled my cu entered manually when my interstitial. I suddenly shuddered, even as one body electric shock. I'm struggling weakening seconds then suddenly paralyzed, eyes closed, panting, a fragrant smell chastity of woman stormed into my nose. I like love to rush Drop down to kiss kisses lips pale chest down, slowly down to the groin. Now I see clearly below those little hairs Trick is a very describe beautiful cunt slit, slot knob at the top of a piece of meat the size of a finger, but at that time I did not know that the clitoris. Grab your mouth full so I opened my cunt like a chew bread. I purred and noisy chewing cunt devoured them. although not turned toward me, but I'm very happy because I know Laem every cunt I pressed my head to suffocate me. initially through my impassioned gradually calm down after a bit annoying when I slowly release the cunt you out, you know the legs slightly spread and low down, I gently licked a long line from the asshole I bounced the clitoris making up for joy. I used two fingers wide ball off you cunt, her small lips pale pink with wrinkles like crested chickens live. Your right edge a little sticky plaque cunt milky. My tongue licked between each edge and sharp tongue mature until a collision bulkhead which I guess is the hymen. Your cunt tastes bitter, sour. Their first taste of cunt licking me forever bored. I licked for a while, then heard a noise, as if the children of my friends, I sheepishly pushed me out.
- Well, another time!

I had pants on laptop masturbate get achievements rooms, finished masturbating I fell asleep tired. In my dream I feel like I'm going to practice. Our delegation has four people, two girls 2 boys. We have to practice in Long Luong village. It is a very nice cat along the highway, the lower house of substandard mixed peach trees began to bloom. I was on the afternoon we arrived, we share a house with a young couple and their five children nhit liter. In the evening the family gathered around the fire talking about music, we hosted a poetry night toad. Son started the first post, he read:

Today the moon rise over
He wanted to kiss me on the cheek
I next
Moon today seem shy
He wants to kiss you on ...

Tam Ha and two children laughing and punching us Thum slumped. Finished second punch I sat panting, quivering chest is round, so I improvised emotional read:

I am concerned because a breast thorns
Not great but hurt heart
I am sad that nipple unripe
Laden shore gong lace trend
I'm glad breasts naive
Thin mantle fluttered in
I'm angry because I too naive
The summer sun Mastectomy
I love the interstitial breast accidentally
E ratio of glass with drops of sunshine
I hate too distant for breast
Did I take a turn back time
So much that I desire breast
Many roam the night in search of breast

Just like life goes by like a fairy in sight, we walked across the street, always liked the drawing and photography. More and more our emotional closeness. Until one day we went to a draw away from the stream. Has not been a long bath, perhaps due to itching cunt, so I ask two baths and chased us down the remote, do not mind, we came away, lying down on the grass looking at the sky object, they just go dead Paint guy pulled my hand:
Follow me and you see you two doing?
I have to stop you like it go
Both of us went for fun
So the two of us crept under step two children, hiding behind a bush, our eyes glued to the scene before the elves.

Suddenly I saw told me Mind
- Ha it back if they are not?
Ha I'm looking around and said, we do not follow it where you're standing watch for me, these guys did not dare hypocritical do anything but fear. But if they come to see the better than stars.

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Story about a young girl's pussy silk part 6

- But even more Hung ...

- You will find out how to get rid Hung heavenly scene
Teacher Tuan slipping backwards off her shirt and talks also tore her panties. Teacher watching her naked is not a nude. From the same sex in the classroom Hung Sundays at noon that day until now, she never once been close man's son. The feeling funny, she wants to find pain sore back. Without Mr. Tuan interfere, then perhaps what she did last week I realized Hung. She clearly remembers the scene he supported her on their backs on desks, and slowly inserted into the penis, originally put to, she privation to it, but a few minutes later that she found happiness. Just like now, but in a bottle it does not make her drunk, which makes her boldly. She was not a little shy, but looked intently at his command, it was not called big for Hung, but she saw crave it more. When he sat down in my heart, she wants to be repeatedly put him on, but at that time no beer, she was shy. The way she touched him other than Hung, bolder, more decisive. If the Hung, she found her feelings increased linearly with angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal axis, this time he re-examined the function, it is no longer a straight line that is the sin that the peak coincides with the moment he pressed on and hand angle of nearly 90 degrees now. As for Hung, she was afraid to be afraid to mix unclear booting importance of how, now that the excitement she received, she was happy to enjoy the wonderful moment. She would like for you to pay off all of the intimate relationship that he intended for her. She wants him quickly shoved inside but she guessed that it was not painful like at the Hung.

Suspension of the above, he put his mouth slowly down below. She smells of soap making three of her fragrant flesh. Once seen from far, now have the opportunity to look close. Hell the black coat (so he thought) obscured his vision. Gently dig hairy ... find the hole. Viscosity of water was dripping out of the whole time. Looking at the two edges of the clitoris was closed, he said that this powder. Licking sticky viscous membrane, she shivered, pulling him close very early. I want you to try her sensitive poured like, but this time he could not stand it anymore. So he bowed slightly lower bunks down, hands up against the edge of the bed, legs slightly apart, this is the first time the penis was touching the edges of the clitoris. Wet the tip of the penis, it's like being sucked into, it is difficult to draw any more. The minute wait from the day she received a master's paper, said deeper, she waited a day after sex with Hung. When all the pain she felt envy, but it is not clear when someone wants, between Hung or someone. Penis slowly penetrated into, she felt the two sides of the vagina is shallow all the way down. It goes to where there are lubrication should not feel pain. When she felt it deep sucking it was only when he stopped, took a breath and pulled sharply out strong, not so cleverly penis would slip out.

- I'm happy too dear

- You, too?
They do not know each cloud busy playing, and for how long, but when morning came, they did not want to get out of bed, despite everything was still flashes, the sound of someone calling á í horizontal shopping together. They also want the same treatment for a great breakfast dishes right on the bed.

The truth is their love strong. Lately, we only guess is vague and Hung love ship, can give each other what was most precious, but these days then they have quietly parted ways. Hung's carefree nature, so also no wonder why she changed, because not shortly after it failed the final exam, it must return home (My Tho). What about her day in school textbooks, still fun, still learning progress. We saw her vaguely somewhat friendly with Mr. Tuan, but no wonder, because there are teachers, there are her other teacher, because she was the better students. The times we accidentally found her sitting on his lap Tuan after school, we thought she was the favorite teacher, and she was a little bit coddle, do not do something he dared loving student Tuan , when your wife - she Yew is still there, and they live very happy.

Recently I had the opportunity to lead the internal hometown after 17 years away from home, I see he has foreign forties, but still around the. And it was surprising to see a strange woman is not she Dieu, is none other ships, the rural women old daughter. Then asked to learn that she had died of hepatitis B. Some years later, he and she had married another official, and from which he did not return to the market to another, but he was in the area retreated to the provinces.

This story is real, I just want more fictional sex scenes, just a couple of times to direct the night, we found out the next classroom teacher Tuan many nights with the ball, and we have been quietly track. Through the night, we realized master and a girl, but after this I think that ship, they wrapped their scenes together, and lay them on top of each scene makes the wooden table crying icicles. Then the ass clap each other for mosquitoes?

Tau, Hung and Tuan teacher wife is real. I just renamed and her teacher. (End)

Story about a young girl's pussy silk part 5

- Teacher ...

- Well, you come now?

Swine Transportation pants, he turned to gently kissed her hair, as friendly as ever. She blushed embarrassment.

- The woman should not have a little messy, I helped him get it done and then ate some food

She quickly rolled up their sleeves and clean up. Teacher stood aside each gesture tracking. Still awkward, but she makes look so fluent, without losing any girl does. Touched her job, unexpected and embraced him from behind, he kissed hair, turned around and kissed her on the cheek, to the surface.

- I called him by his right? - I suggest

- But I'm afraid ...

Master attached to her lips a kiss so strong, it's not like Hung has been. Intense, deeply immersed as he posts full of love for her, her students a little. Teachers do not feel guilty, because more than anyone else (especially over Hung), he would ensure her the perfect fairytale moment. Do you have more opportunities to do that.

- He can blame me ... I have no hands Hung?

- On the contrary he loves me. He will give you a lifetime encircling

- We eat right?

- Now I want a bath, I take a bath yet?

Master in the closet and got a thin coat dress, short, new crystal was beautiful. Under the flickering oil lamps, two naked body standing next to each other, they recognize each other affectionately something of each other. They will live for each other, for each other, that's different. Soap gently stroked her all over his body and her two strokes for different people. In the dim shadow, she realized that not only Hung, but the teachers really majestic. It's loud and long that if only they could see for the first time she will know about any horror. Master each droplet gently deposited on the smooth skin of her little pupil. Do you feel that your cherished never anything like this.

In costume dress, her gorgeous, virginal beauty, the beauty of the girl is puberty, girls grave beauty of the combination of a village girl makes a silhouette that he has never admire. This dress is bought when he was on the city of My Tho meeting a few weeks ago that he intended to donate her own during special occasions, and now he was trying to create that special occasion. Breast harness, no panties, it accentuates all, especially in this place. No need to touch and feel all the subtlety of nature. Carried her into the master table. They eat a satisfying way, because they sit a chair, each school has its share through interlocking sitting, and applied to each of the pieces of food, care for each other with passionate beer drops. Look how well they all know that drinking beer either incredibly gifted in this story. Just a beer in his mouth, and the other using his mouth through suction, combined with great tongue button. They have helped each other in the bedroom. Ivory tusks in a bottle, she fell on the bed leaning, dresses are being pulled back up to look attractive. His hand on the clitoris compact pressure, rubbing, shaking her people.

- I want you to be his wife during the time his wife is away

Story about a young girl's pussy silk part 4

Teacher Tuan could not take anymore, when she heard moaning geez geez, I'm happy to know it too. Teacher pretended returned home to find Hung asked. Ms. Noble did not foresee that his younger brother doing Agarwal, while her husband is not bad. Teacher asked her out shopping for him some book, and want to market thanks to Hung transported by bicycle. She saw no reason Diu and also want the market to get some toiletries. She went across the room to call the school. Now that she has passed Hung and turbulent times, they are approved. Hung said hurry up steps:

- Do not be afraid, you just sit in when he goes on the market will carry you home.

Listen to his words, she did not bother to sit up, despite her being naked inside the puddle. She falls asleep. Do not know how long, when she opened her eyes and saw him sitting next Tuan. The startled, she quickly sat up quickly grab hold of clothes, covering his chest and pussy.

- Why are you here?

- Do not be afraid, I know this was a long time ago

- Xn teachers do not tell anyone, the school will expel them

Ship to cry, tears rolling down his cheeks as he also touched.

- I did not tell anybody, but you have to listen to him, if not?

After that day, she expressed sadness she felt fear whenever ball Tuan teacher entered the classroom. With Hung expressed indifference as she feared that the ongoing work, although after all the pain she felt envious, remember when Hung on top, they are holding the hose, when the sense of the hose slowly deep inside, made ​​her ecstatic. When faced with the teacher, she feels guilty. When faced with Hung, now she felt he was not strong enough to protect, that is, in the arms of Hung, she will no longer be assured. May the teacher Tuan will be the cover for her, because he knew the secret.

Today, she sometimes had to go home to eat and anniversaries, this trip takes a week. This is an opportunity that so long he was waiting Tuan. Master of the vessel to the table brought her a note and step up the podium.


Hung and Noble this afternoon she will go to My Tho anniversary gathering. I arranged with him tonight on. Do you want plenty of attention. So my secret, I think you should not refuse. Teacher for you.

Teacher Tuan "

As you read these words, she was deeply upset. I have put her in difficult situations. Hard to find a shift, which when accepted, she knew he was more violent aspects Hung in sex, if she does not respond well?

That evening, her knees on the towel on the ground that there is a need her teacher looks on at home, her family no doubt, because she had good academic achievements, he liked her. It got dusk, when she no case means that nobody saw. She walked over to the teacher's house trying to see him out there beyond anyone else. She walked in and saw he was working in the kitchen.

Story about a young girl's pussy silk part 3

- How is underground? It does get into the road, huh brother?

If such an urban girl but ask that they do the work Hung said that President, but to her, he thought she was very innocent. She sat leaning, still turns stroking the hose.
- The tap this wealth will creep this ..

Hung said just put your hands down, it should turn thick feathering on the new hand set deep in the slot. Using your index finger, press it into. Wet hands, she shivered. He pulled his hand out and caressed stroked along the edge, sometimes it pressed between the island well, so every time she would like her.
- Insert into that too, I also have, I have.

- But he's so big and long, how to put no slip?

She had known adult penis length and how big where, just seeing the little kids, his short, one subject of a big guy with wrists.

- Do not be afraid, the Creator nozzle for round beveled, so when put on very slippery, besides the well of me also full of lubricant and then hey.

He pulled her hand put on the well, indeed much water oozing.

- But the first time you put on will be pain, several times as I've seen it. If you saw it you would not be able to wear it out on the charts to?

- No, I injured him very much, I can take it.

Teaching for a while, she seems to have suffered much. Still not require intense as the other girl earlier and later Hung ever seen, but with her ​​eyes Hung understand that the moment was ripe to. Ang Hung turned back, then kissing, massaging, it also can not bear. Outside Mr. Tuan was anxious, because when they sit down the seat he could see only two decent head shy shy nhit, intertwined, still below does not show. When Hung stood up to help her on the table and then have a chance to admire the private parts of two children. The blue veins wrapped around their trunks stuck Hung really admirable. Looking through Hung guess everyone is no longer a virgin. Foreskin is pulled backwards down, glaring deep hollows out the stoma. From a distance can estimate the length of the hose, it does not lose anything of him at all. Patchy black fur ball placement under the trunk as past storms, fallen trees theaters. And although she was 14 years old without losing your wife what she Noble. Grow thick pubic hair covered walkway on the whole, if you just looked over when she stood up, it does not see the mouth of the cave. But when she laid Hung falling support for the tabletop, then such plants are pulled up, the cave gradually dawned. While Hung are squeezing breasts and tongue button, it dropped below the cave mouth admire him wear jewelry. With lying supine on the table legs dangle to the ground, Hung will be very comfortable to get into the cave to a standing position, but the teachers need to form a foot or more tables. Unknown accidental or intentional Hung from the beginning was very happy for this girl lying posture, with the position it is recommended in the manual that should only skilled new names to know. Just keep your head a little more that she could see every movement of Hung.

Hung down long kiss navel. Abdominal skin smooth fragrant. When his mouth stretching into the cave, the guy's hand and pulled down the legs. Two pins that are nice to wear jupe know what !! He thought and tongue into the mouth of the well is reviewing soggy. Embrace her arms trying to keep his head as not to move. It reared its head get your hands off the ball to the edges hang, hang a few inches from your mouth is a sticky film has a tiny hole in the middle, Hung thought that hymen. The time before, had never had the opportunity to look carefully Hung like this. Hung said when the hose inserts, ball two wide rim would hang out and hugging. Heroes stand up for real cock stroked back straight and pulled her legs spread so wide. Wellhead is opened all the way down. Viscosity of water is pulled into fibers and then break into two, they cling to both sides of the well. G Time has come, when Hung insert the penis into the vagina of the ship, when he Tuan outside ached, he felt as if he was standing inside her, she's still waiting for the balls groin. Lubricated penis was not very difficult to put on. Hung stop when the penis touches the film, Hung said that strong on it now hurts her. He bent down and gently kissed her lips pressed powerful form, her "Asian" and kept up a hissing sound. A red blood flowing out along the penis, Hung wait for her to alleviate pain and slowly draw it back into print. Now look smoother, softer.

- I thank you for giving me chastity. I hurt right? He was too. This feeling has spread throughout his body

- I'm also less painful then. Looks like there is something very strange feeling.

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Story about a young girl's pussy silk part 2

- Missed okay, which he was in Sunday school rooms to nap. Do the children not trade him too?
- Where there is, I'm just afraid that's all. I will very with him. I will bring him into eating jackfruit okay, I love it right?
Our school day is usually very crowded and frequented the student, but to all Japanese, only current classrooms Hung waste or fires which have several new kids on the resident herd of sunshine. Without the prior, no one knows this dating. Teacher Tuan Hung noticed every place looked forward to, like looking forward to the lunch break to do something very secret.
As appointments, countless ships coming and going straight classrooms, Hung was waiting. It mallet to hug her with kisses. She cheerfully received. In pajamas, her brilliant novel. If the experimentally girl in ball gowns or urban slender girls in dresses, it truly lovely in her pajamas full of idyllic. Austria is not mut-si-lin sexy slim increase, but Hung can see through a layer of cotton ample breasts can not be forced by the ring compact bra. Her hair is not loose that grip neat, this effect is a healthy daughter. But no one knows she can now skillfully and lovingly issue soon stop, she will also be expert in the field of sex. If only she previously received from the passionate kiss Hung, so now she will be able to donate his moments that suddenly fly. Dreamy-beneficiaries. Caressing hands, Hung now discovered that she was too good today. Not as usual, her flesh engulfed in white cloth dingy dusty wind, exposing it all over! It touched the rear, where only a few simple operations, the bra will come apart. He stroked along the bra, shoots against breast out as a child.

Hung big gentle hands inside and put her bra off is falling on the table, legs loosely closed. These movements are quite humble, because it thinks it is midday, heaven is here.

Although they repelled installed inside the door carefully, but through the wooden window frame repair, Mr. Tuan is not difficult to see clearly inside. Teacher not surprised, knowing full and well that this will happen. Hung is not worried with him over 17 years old, it has also grown to some extent. And she's only 14 years old only loosen, the age at which black hairs growing blooming, new breast has been strained. She can get pregnant if you "roll curl" of Hung strong enough, but children are conscious that? Prevent or shelf it? Only two simple questions that he could not answer well. But if the teacher is present today her life would change in some way? A fleeting thought, and he decided not to stop.

As expected, today they will be "meat" together. Do not hesitate, Hung took off her jacket and carefully drain on a corner table, a chest harness is also compact it and coat cupboard. The upper part of her was exposed, according to Hung think it is not gray like the other girls countryside. No need to be compared with the urban girl, she is now the most. She shyly face tilted to the side, despite Hung fondled, groped. Where's hand Hung junk "real thorn" stand up to it. He bent down to kiss passionately in the face, breasts, abdomen. Because it stood between the legs, so when it bent down, pressing on his chest, the back of her. Through two layers of cloth pants, Hung mu felt she was hatched, progressively higher.
The more stimulation, the more it tried to use my chest both continuous and stronger. She could not stand his twisted bend, this makes more stimulating Hung. Every time it jumped up to kiss the face, the neck, then the commander of it falls right into the quadrant. This makes friction Hung extreme erection. He put his hand inside the pants fabric, inner thought to make only a few short hairs, but to get into the inside of it, it suddenly realized that all of it is wrong to speculate. That is, want to touch the vagina in the slot, it must go through a thick undercoat. It happily holding each plume stretched out. He asked her:

- Do you regret anything?

- I do not regret it, but it hurt him?

- Let me just show you this?

Heroes help her sit up then pulled her pants down. Both the pants and underpants were carefully placed near Hung shirt. It's back to help her bench and sat down and undress. It sits opposite hand toward her, she turned away embarrassed but did not dare look down their groins as well as his. He pulled her hand placed on the hose erection. She was dismayed withdrawing, but it did hold on, press on, it caught her claws. She slowly looked back, blushing. For her, this is the first time naked, sitting naked in front of other people naked, his hands holding the hose of it, too! She started coddle fall into his chest, but your left hand.

- You're so beautiful. Do you like what you're holding it?

- U? what he is

Now the new Hung noticed her bottom. Due to sit through the two legs, so her clitoris both close to the chair. No self never know where the seat has a streak of water exposure, such as saliva in the mouth is oozing so envious that not swallow very timely. He sat leaning against the wall and pulled her into the heart. It only has reared high into the hose and then said:

- If I do not blame him, it will get into the trunk of his brother.

Story about a young girl's pussy silk part 1

The more stimulating the vagina, it gets her breasts deliberately both continuous and stronger. She could not stand his twisted bend, this makes more stimulating Hung. Every time it jumped up to kiss the face, the neck, then the commander of it falls right into the quadrant. This makes friction Hung extreme erection. He put his hand inside the pants fabric, inner thought to make only a few short hairs, but to get into the inside of it, it suddenly realized that all of it is wrong to speculate. That is, want to touch the vagina in the slot, it must go through a thick undercoat. It happily holding each plume stretched out ......

By the mid-80s, we are studying the rural level 2 People like us do not have the opportunity to interact with broadcast media culture, not to mention the toxic culture now. We like our plovers outside the school day must be subcontracted out to help parents.

In addition to the racketeering bureaucracy odd name, but then we were naive, shy. Affair was also noted, but only a pair cables words "impartiality" of peers. In class we have been seen as Hung idol crowd dissipated. Yew Hung Her brother, his wife's brother Tuan. Hung has family in the city of My Tho, where traditional urbanized, is also the birthplace of plovers much like the rest of us who eat school play more. Because of that which ought to learn Hung over our 3 layer, behind this is 8th grade school after 3 years is not up to grade 9, the family decided Hung sent home with her ​​sister to alienate followers playboy , as well as to avoid the guilt Hung with friends. If not absolutely talk about the evils revelry Hung are scored 8/10. Quite handsome, large, pure white, with the most charming smile. Really do from Hung. Normally he looks really gentle, quiet. Who asked just laughed, but when it comes about, he truly heroic. It is from Hung that we know everything about what playboy. Boys and girls sex stories love story? Our initial tentative (mean, how awkward), but listening star attraction too. Honey traps and bait well. That ship, her old size but in the form we developed earlier. Back then we know what your assessment is to breast expansion butt, just saw that on the day she was crushed to ten minutes earlier then comb your hair commune. Silky long black hair (so there can be found in other peasant girls) loose over her shoulders are thoroughly spruced up before clamping compact. She knew where to brush the hair while leaning so, a chest was exposed by the shirt collar slow down, it did not escape the eyes of the boys pretend they do, especially after is Hung "just teachers", then perhaps look more artistic, more skilled.

Much later we found out she had fallen into the trap density of Hung. He is often given to girls when they clamp (though only a few thousand for value as now), when the book, the house looks out basting educated. Then the scattered paper records of Hung Chi, and the two men exchanged.

One time after school due to rain so should anyone then raincoat on, but a couple of them called me to walk around the other suites. When you go back to our room, it's weird it was closed, the window frames are skillfully pull someone down collapse from within. Try looking at the ball we found someone as Hung are trying leaned forward to embrace the way of something not so difficult.

Speaking of Hung and Tau. After a few weeks of fire, as Tau guy really belong. No one knows, no one doubts that a name like Hung to get her sentence quickly so funny. They have different implicit contract is not public this story to anyone because they are still sitting in school. As time passed the more they gravitate together. As Hung was in decent exercise along with his sister and brother in law right next to the school, so every day we pretended he left early to catch her​​, giving her the look amorously. And then she responded by standing nestled into the corner to give him kisses. Initially just kissed hair, then face,? a date when they go a little early, as they stay a little late. The growing age as ships that met their husbands scent as reaction catalysts that. She cared for her more and more, cleaner, more fragrant. These things are very much satisfied Hung. In the heart as proud of the large prey.
Today the sky turn black rain, they think that after school, we will enlist your home to avoid getting wet, but where doubt that even the likes of us. Looking through the crack in the door, Hung was leaning forward embrace pulling her close to him. Both stood still nestled against the cliffs. They helped each other to sit down at the table, at the table touched her buttocks are Hung in the upright position. It is convenient, then hugged her hips, and her hands were caressing Hung Hair shore. With this posture, leaning down to Hung, the new environment is serious conflicts. It looked like she had never been looked at, it suddenly bent down and kissed her forehead, which is the action that it always did and today he wants to go further. Now her head on his chest as drawn by Hung, whispered:

- Hung has injured you?

Hung did not answer, a hand lifting her chin up and kissed slowly through the environment. Her cheeks flushed, for a long time, adults often tell each other that when they kissed each other was when they married into each other's wives. With this is the first vessel to be kissed his son, which will probably be the wife of Hung? She thought so. But the wife of Hung is also the proud Makes! Dreamy-eyes enjoying their first taste, as she hugged him as if surrendering this life, this body of Hung. Do not hesitate, Hung licking lips lightly, as if it delicious children licking ice cream so. With Hung, it's not the first time he kisses the lips and tongue buttons, it's so gifted. But this view seems to appreciate it much. It does not dare to make strong, do not rush as we hang out with others, and that is why it is good to see, see already. Boats are virgin, so to work together, how affectionately known. She knows just follow the feeling that Hung transferred to. Her teeth are now ajar Hung shook slightly as tongue would go inside. The main feeling his tongue to her mouth forced've also seen. Hung tried to push his tongue in, and then last round. She did not know how to do it, so just loosen the tongue out for him. Gently draw out your tongue, Hung powerful button. Now her tongue in his mouth fits, wear jewelry for Hung sucking, licking. When Hung bites the tongue, as well as buttons, hard to describe the feeling spread throughout her body. This time not loosening Hung arms that move slowly down the shoulder butt. He glides. Rural daughter as ships usually do not wear trousers to school, which is the only soft, elastic. Not difficult, according eyelid landoc Hung underwear, and it's easy to feel mixed buttocks, soft. Let him enjoy his buttocks, she was nhic stood up, wrapped their bodies close together.

- I love you too. Price that we no longer go to school, he asked me to do her wedding

- So we are still close together, sir?

- But I want only the two of us, he wants to hug me without sneaky, wants to be kissed skin them, leaving no space at all.

It's contradictory to say that apart from his mouth, but not necessarily in the hearts he injured her true or not, just know that when she is near Hung extremely comfortable. Hung did not put out into the ban because Hung wants to advance her training was going and when it's ripe, it's difficult to spend. Compared with many other girls, really nice ship.

Nhunbg days later, Hung often gave her kisses on the lips, not even kissed hair shy at first as well. She received, her pride, her satisfied.

Because the house edge, so things like this out there beyond our teacher said Tuan. Teacher vaguely saw something unusual in two children, a brother's wife, and a child of his students. Inwardly he is also looking for opportunities to find out the truth. One day after kissing, Hung said:

- This Sunday I want you here with me, we kissed for a desire that solve

- But I'm afraid of her teacher Yew Tuan


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