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10 Best Free Wordpress e-Commerce themes

Get WordPress e-Commerce themes to start business. Give your Online Shop become a unique and stylish identity with these themes. If you were looking for Ecommerce free WordPress themes download then this is the right place for you because here, you will get a variety of Free WordPress e-Commerce themes AIl themes are free Free for you. WordPress e-Commerce themes a great way of promoting and letting people know about your existence and presence. if your Ecommerce is well designed then it leaves a much better impression then a poorly designed online store.
This post covers a variety of e-Commerce Templates for you to download and use. You can use them for personal or commercial purposes and for different purposes as well. All of these Templates are editable and fully customizable which gives you freedom to make design level changes if you think that there is some thing extra or less. I update all my posts pretty frequently to keep them fresh. So, keep visiting or you can also follow us to get all the posts delivered directly to your inbox.
All Wordpress e-Commerce themes bellow include many field of your business. You can choose the most comfortable templates, that right with products you supply.

Virtue Free WordPress e-Commerce Themes

Virtue free theme is extremely versatile. For a free theme it’s loaded with tons of premium options. You will find it easy to customize and fully loaded with great features.
The clean modern design is built with html5 and css3 and uses the powerful responsive framework from Bootstrap to be a fully responsive and mobile friendly.
It’s fully Woocommerce ready with all the tools you need to design an awesome online store. It also comes with portfolio posts and pages that will show your work with great style. The versatile design is perfect for any kind of business, online store, portfolio or personal site.
We built Virtue with a powerful options panel where you can set things like your home layout, sliders, custom fonts, and completely customize your look without writing any CSS. You are going to love how easy this theme is to work with. Virtue free is Translation ready! This theme comes with Italian, Russian and Spanish language files as well as the needed .po files to translate into any language.
Virtue Free WordPress e-Commerce Themes

Bearded Wordpress e-Commerce Themes

An eCommerce solution with Woo-commerce plugin which will help you to setup your own shopping theme in no time. This four column free WordPress theme is flat in design and responsive in layout.
Bearded Wordpress e-Commerce Themes

Petshopper – Free Responsive WordPress e-Commerce Pet Themes

etshopper is a powerful WordPress E-commerce themes which allows you to sell pets products and to create a nice corporate site with a creative design. You can use it even to develop your own corporate website related to your own business starting from this template; it is, indeed, completely customizable.
Petshopper – Free Responsive WordPress e-Commerce Pet Themes

Socute – Free minimalistic WooCommerce theme

Socute is our new minimal ecommerce theme. It has been designed to be completely responsive and displayed on every kind of device. SoCute is a really versatile and rich Wordpress shop which uses WooCommerce plugin to create complete online shops, with thousand of layout options and a lot of features to customize it following your needs.
Socute – Free minimalistic WooCommerce theme

Kidshop – A creative Kids ecommerce theme

Kidshop is the new WordPress e-commerce theme developed thinking about children’s world. It is designed with a great responsive design and thanks to the powerful Woo Commerce plugin you can create a versatile and completely customizable WordPress shop.!
Kidshop – A creative Kids ecommerce theme

Light Wordpress e-Commerce templates – Simple Online Store

Simple is a free ecommerce template officially supported by Shopify. It works as well on mobile devices as it does on large monitors. It features sleek animations, easy to customize settings, and sub categories that appear if your products have tags.
This theme comes with 2 styles
Shopify lets you build your own online store. You can accept credit cards, manage orders, customize your storefront and more.
Light Wordpress e-Commerce templates

New Standard

The New Standard is an official Shopify theme created by Pixel Union. Its clean and minimalist design makes it a suitable option for selling any type of product. It is one of the most feature rich themes to date, with its Twitter integration, signup form, filterable collections and much more
Shopify lets you build your own online store. You can accept credit cards, manage orders, customize your storefront and more.
Wordpress e-Commerce templates


Mystile is a clean, lightweight WooCommerce theme, designed as a canvas which you can use as-is, or easily create a unique design to match your products. The theme is responsive as standard, and comes bundled with plenty of options and alternate colour schemes.
Possibly the best feature of Mystile is it’s device agnostic design. That means whether you’re viewing the theme on your desktop, your tablet or your smartphone, it responds and adapts delivering an optimised design for that device.
Free Wordpress e-Commerce templates

Zeux Wordpress e-Commerce Themes

Zeux is highly responsive e-commerce theme. 14 custom template pages, 7 different colors, 11 custom background patterns and filterable portfolio. The theme support following post format: Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Image and this are just few of the great features that this theme has. Compatible with jigoshop.

Ready to Be Wordpress e-Commerce Themes

Now you can start you online WordPress store from zero-level expense with “Ready to Be!” Free WordPress E-commerce Themes. This is full functionality ecommerce WordPress solution comparable with the Premium themes. Theme have
Ready to Be Wordpress e-Commerce Themes

With many Free Wordpress e-Commerce Templates we offer, you can start an Online Store very easily! Good luck to you!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to choose the best Wordpress e-Commerce themes

Starting an e-commerce store nowadays is pretty simple with Wordpress e-Commerce themes, at least compared to ten years ago. You can be up and selling within a couple of hours for a few dollars. Some companies however, get stuck on one crucial element of launching: the website design. The design of your website is really important and something that business owners take great pride in doing well. To balance the need to launch quickly, one of the best choices in the beginning is to take advantage of pre-design website themes. You can usually buy them for $30-$60 and save thousands of dollars and headaches. For those who aren’t too familiar with pre-design themes, they are simply templates that you can import to popular platforms like WordPress. They come with all the bells and whistles of a modern website and look great. The only downside is that hundreds of people buy the same theme. However, its rare to find someone else within your industry with the same theme since there are thousands of unique themes.
The first, e-Commerce themes must be based on e-Commerce plugins such as: Woocommerce, Jigoshop, Prestashop... With only comfortable Wordpress e-Commerce themes ,your site will become the profession Online shop.
Wordpress e-Commerce themes

Where is the Wordpress e-Commerce themes ?

  • Free
  • You can download free templates from many blog of web developers and sharing forum all around the world. It offers the most important features of e-Commerce. But almost of theme have simple features, a little effect and no update or support from authors.
  • Premium
  • These are may market place, such as ThemeForest power buy Evanto , Elegan Theme, Creative Market, and much more... supply premium plugins and templates. All of them are very wonderful, automatic update and supported carefully by authors. It’s best design, many style comfortable with any purposes.
In this post, we will only tell you about the premium Wordpress e-Commerce themes on ThemeForest, because it the best market place with ton of quality items.

How to choose Right Wordpress e-Commerce themes?

Once you start searching for e-commerce themes, you will realize that there are hundreds of choices, more than you can go through. Let me cover some tips that should help you narrow down your options.


What is the responsive? It mean your site will be looked fine in all screens size: desktop, tablet and smartphones. With everyone using mobile phones, there’s no excuse why your new website you should look terrible in smartphones and tablets. You also shouldn’t buy a theme that doesn’t play nicely with mobile devices. You want to look for the following words in the title or description of the theme
  • Responsive
  • Fluid
  • HTML5 & CSS3
Those words will give you a good idea that the theme will resize itself to any screen size and will make your products look amazing in mobile devices. Most themes also have a way to “preview” them and play around with them. Resize your browser window to see how the theme reacts to smaller windows (just like mobile devices). If everything looks great, then let’s move on to tip #2.

Easy customization

Easy customization To help customers to build their own shop without any web knowledge everything and can be done by only a few clicks through admin panel. New themes also have backend tools that let you do everything without ever knowing how to code. Look for themes that talk about unlimited color combinations and applying hundreds of background patterns, all through an admin panel. A good example of a theme that does this is:
Theme With the Right Description
You can see how the description talks about “extreme customizations” and hundreds of options. This usually tells you that theme is pretty flexible. A bonus point is when they offer a username and password to access the admin panel. Use it and see for yourself what kind of options you have.

Multi layout supports

Multi layout, it’s mean Flexible Options to Display Content Another thing to look for is an endless ability to display content in whatever format you want. Themes will usually include some pretty cool ways to display your products but you don’t want to be stuck with a format that perhaps doesn’t convert customers too well. While this changes for different platforms, themes will talk about how you can change how many columns you can use or how many different product layouts exist. For WordPress, great themes will have hundreds of “shortcodes”. Shortcodes are just a way to display content anywhere in your site without having to touch any code.

Great update & Technical Support

Finally, a theme may look great but it may also have bugs that you just can’t see. This is where great customer support comes in. It’s hard to judge good customer service but there are couple of things that can tell you how dedicated a theme creator is.
about comment
First, look at when the theme was published and how many times the theme has been updated since then. Take special note of when this theme was updated last. You don’t want a theme that hasn’t been updated in more than a year because platforms change and can break how a theme looks.
Second, some sites offer a comments section where people who purchase the theme can ask about how some things work. Read the comments and notice how the theme creator responds to them, if at all. This can give you a good idea of how he/she will respond to you if you have a technical question.
Use the above tips to narrow down your options into 2-3 theme that you like. Once you have a few solid options, play around with their admin panels and see which one you feel most comfortable Wordpress e-Commerce templates for your shop.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Best WP e-Commerce plugins

Although Wordpress is not an special source for e-Commerce, By using many Wordpress e-Commerce Plugins we can creat an online store easily.With the almost endless variety of ecommerce plugins available today, it’s easy to get lost in the search for the plugin that is ideal for you and your individual needs. In this post, We present the best free Wordpress e-Commerce Plugins. It’s very easy to use and config with all enough feature for starting your business.


  • Compatible up to: 3.9.1
  • Last Updated: 2014-6-9
  • Downloads: 3,533,510
  • User Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars.
From early 2012, Woocommerce is really becoming popular and widely trusted because . It includes all the functionality of the professional sales page should have .Specially it's totally free. Not only It's diverse in function, but also it has a lot of support by many wordpress e-Commerce themes designed specifically for WooCommerce, including free and paid. And most importantly, users can still install additional extensions through its library.


  • Compatible up to: 3.9.1
  • Last Updated: 2014-5-10
  • Downloads: 2,820,514
  • User Ratings: 2.8 out of 5 stars
plugin for Wordpress e-Commerce themes
Long before many of the WordPress ecommerce options available today ever existed, WP-eCommerce was already one of the most trusted names in the market. WP-eCommerce utilizes what is now a fairly standard business model for ecommerce plugins by offering their service as a free download with a range of useful extras that can be purchased as add-ons if or when needed. The free WP-eCommerce plugin includes features like coupon codes, discounts, complete control over the calculations determining shipping costs, product RSS, support for multiple languages and currencies, support for PayPal/Google Checkout, inventory control, and even a sales overview page. While purchased extras are not required, they do allow you to integrate your business with anything from FedEx Shipping to the USA e-pay service.


  • Compatible up to: 3.9.1
  • Last Updated: 2014-6-11
  • Downloads: 351,491
  • User Ratings: 3.9 out of 5 stars
plugin for Wordpress e-Commerce themes
Similar to WP-Ecommerce, JogoShop fully supports the features required of a sales page . However, there are advantages that Jiort applications provide one expand free and paid, in addition JigoShop theme also has a library dedicated to the sales page but unfortunately none of the free. Add a further feature is JigoShop multilingual support, you can easily customize the manager site. Furthermore, JigoShop also supports many more payment gateways, including PayPal, Moneybooker, FlexWin and 3 custom payment gateway. In addition, the management of JigoShop orders were split into a separate class to your own work more easily.


  • Compatible up to: 3.6.1
  • Last Updated: 2013-8-31
  • Downloads: 580,528
  • User Ratings: 3.8 out of 5 stars
Eshop is a wordpress e-Commerce plugin,which has always been a lot of attention making .It's it one of the best plugin to create online shop. These features are nothing other than the above 2 plugins (Jigo and Wp-Ecommerce) so We don't introduce anymore .in addition , You should use the eShop before Jigo and Wp-Ecommerce.


  • Compatible up to: 3.6.1
  • Last Updated: 2013-11-11
  • Downloads: 148,469
  • User Ratings: 2.9 out of 5 stars
Cart66 is divided into a free version and a professional version with a small number of licensing options for the latter. The free version offers the more basic features you needed of an e-commerce platform like currency support, order management, promotional support, and control over tax and shipping costs. But for those who come to love what Cart66 has to offer, the professional version offers several unique features that range from highly niche business needs to recurring payments and membership access content. It’s also worth noting that the professional version of Cart66 supports full integration with the ever popular Gravity Forms plugin. And most remarkably, both versions of Cart66 allow you to sell products from any page – including Facebook.

The CartPress eCommerce Shopping Cart

  • Compatible up to: 3.9.1
  • Last Updated: 2014-5-1
  • Downloads: 136,017
  • User Ratings: 3.8 out of 5 stars
The CartPress eCommerce Shopping Cart
If you have not felt fit yet as above 4 Plugin because of less features, this is the one more choice. Cartpress supported many specific features of a sale page. Additionally, if you don't have any experience manage e-Commerce website after install, First Time installing can help you config your online shop easily.
All wordpress e-commerce plugins above are free. You can choose one of theme to install on your webside. It's very easy to start business !

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

when should we use wordpress to creat an Online shop

It is clear to be ensuring that almost web developer over the world have familiar with Wordpress e-Commerce Themes using WP e-Commerce or Woocommerce plugin. These are two plugins also have a lot of professional features together with many other exciting extensions which can support the strengthening Shop on the WordPress.
Opencart or Wordpress e-Commerce Themes
On the other hand, the powerful well-known of WordPress does not mean that it is suitable for everyone. For example, there are some clearly evidences to show that WordPress was not created to be flexible. Moreover, WordPress was not born to be a professional open source for e-Commerce, so it certainly will not specialized, as well as other specialist open source such as OpenCart, Magento...

When to use an Wordpress e-Commerce Themes.

First of all, you must understand that Woocommerce, which is a plugin in WordPress, have a certain limit, it does not belong to how strong this plugin could be. It was built to help bloggers using WordPress as an intelligent solution to create a small shop on your own blog without having to use other complex solutions, such as creating another website.
So, I just encourage you to use Woocommerce when you are using WordPress and need a simple online shop on your blog, not too uptight to interface problems or other complex effects. It is clear that using Magento to open sale websites is really quite difficult because the requirement of professional and we could not sure that the website has been optimized to run smoothly. Besides, if you are blogger and need a helpful site to sell your book, the Woocommerce , which is use as a digital products widely, also quite useful and easier in setting up in another source, and easily to connect with your blog. All functions in Woocommerce are strongly support your business, but it seems is not common consistent with the habit of the vast majority of users in shopping online market.

When not to use Woocommerce and What should be used?

If you think your head that you will creat site just for online shop, the recommendation is choose the OpenCart or Magento, because it maybe suitable with your needs. If you have afraid that Magento is too cumbersome and always have problem about host, OpenCart is very specific impressions and beautiful themes such professional inferior for your site.
If you only choose WordPress + Woocommerce to build WP e-Commerce templates because it supports SEO, then I strictly re-affirm that OpenCart also perfectly optimized SEO, when it has the same features available as the sitemap, friendly URLs, description....

Use open source for right purposes.

In this article, the Woocommerce and the WordPress were not being intestines because I am a fan of both, I also created many shopping websites for adorable visitors by Woocommerce. But I just want to say that WordPress like a CMS, rather than like an open source which professional serves e-commercial project which you can trust to. It’s just the best when you need to make some successful blogs, news, membership, portfolio…
That is the answer for those who asked me by email which related to problems about Woocommerce. Instead of taking your time to learn Woocommerce, I think you should finding toward for suitable and interesting solutions such as others open source which is perfectly serves for mission and you'll get more choices.
But that's just my opinion, so tell me what you are thinking about which plugins you choose “Woocommerce or Magento or OpenCart”?

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Premium WooCommerce Extensions to Supercharge your WordPress Store

The last topic about Woocommerce extensions, in that post I provided 8 free extensions . Below I share some of my favorite extensions to supercharge your store. While the core ecommerce plugin is free, if you want to extend functionality to do things like manage orders, add social promotions, create complex order forms, or add member subscriptions for example, you’ll need to purchase paid extensions. Below Plugins have 2 type, ones from Wootheme and others are from many authors on Codecanyon. Although, extensions from Wootheme are expensive, it's comfortable with all the newest version of Woocommerce Plugin. If you want to buy Extension Woocommerce from Wootheme, you can buy in GPLClub with surprise payments.

1. Woocommerce Product Document

Woocommerce Product Document
Do you sell Digital products (software, theme or plugin...)? By feature Digital Downloads on your store, you can attached the document guide of your product, which the customer can download.

Buy Product Documents: Single site licence ($49,00)

2. Woocommerce Tab Manager

Woocommerce Tab Manager
Tab Manager helps you create professional, informative product pages in less time than it will take you to read this page.

Buy Woocommerce Tab Manager: Single site licence ($99,00)

3. Woocommerce Product Add-ons

Woocommerce Product Add-ons
Allow your customers to customise your products by adding new options such as input boxes, dropdowns or check boxes. With the Product Add-ons extension, gift messages, donations, laser engraving and any other product which may require user input in some way is now an option for your customers! Product add-ons supports required fields, textareas, checkboxes, radios, select boxes, custom price inputs and file upload boxes.

Buy Woocommerce Product Add-ons: Single site licence ($49,00)

4. Woocommerce Quick Review

Woocommerce Quick Review
The quick view plugin adds a ‘quick view’ button to product loops which shows product details in a lightbox when clicked.

Buy Woocommerce Quick Review: Single site lience ($29,00)

5. Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor

Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor
This is a WooCommerce extension that targets the checkout processes in which goods are bought. This plugin gives you a vast amount of capabilities to manage your products on checkout such as removing fields that you do not need, removing the required attribute rendering the field optional to customer or even perhaps adding more fields to the checkout page. In free version of this plugin, you can hide field on payment and transport pages; You can add any custom field, which customers can fill it too.

Buy Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor: Single site licence ($49,00)

6. Woocommerce Brands

Woocommerce Brands
This extension can classify products by category but it's a custom taxonomy, which can classify products base on brands.

Buy Woocommerce Brands: Single site licence ($29,00)

7. Account Funds

Account Funds
The Account Funds extension helps build customer loyalty and repeat business by ensuring that your customers spend their funds only on your online store! Reward them by giving them exclusive discounts and instant order processing if they pay using their Account Funds.

Buy Account Funds: Single site licence ($79,00)

8. Review for Discount

Review for discount allows you to offer discounts to customers who provide reviews for products in an effort to drive repeat purchases, up-sells, and new sales.
Review for Discount
Auto-create coupons for customers that review products in your WooCommerce store which are redeemable at checkout. Also, generate and email these coupon codes automatically at the time of a review to your customers.

Buy Review for Discount: Single site licence ($29,00)

9. Woocommerce Mailchimp Integraton

Woocommerce Mailchimp Integraton
MailChimp is by far the most powerful email marketing service used to design and send email campaigns, manage subscribers, and track campaign’s performance. While it is a perfect fit for your WooCommerce store marketing, it may be hard to integrate all the powerful features that it has to offer.

Buy Woocommerce Mailchimp Integraton: Regular licence ($19,00)

10. Yoast Woocommerce SEO

Yoast Woocommerce SEO
One of the upgrade version of popular plugin SEO by Yoast This plugin can optimize your wordpress e-Commerce themes

Buy Yoast Woocommerce SEO: Single site licence ($29,00)

You can see that the Woocommerce extensions, you have to buy, have more premium feature than free.But the payment for the premium Woocommerce extensions worthy fully. All right, Woocommerce have many extensions and plugins, in this topic we only selective from the hundreds of those. You can find any more  in Wootheme or CodeCanyon.


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